Collection: INATO Yerba Mate

INATO is a premium yerba mate company that prides itself on offering the highest quality product on the market. The selection process for their branches is meticulous, as they are handpicked in the morning with electric plyers right before the first rays of light strike the leaves. This ensures that the plant experiences minimal stress and has a quick recovery time. INATO also takes great care in the drying process, as the leaves are air-dried at controlled humidity levels to retain the most nutrients.

Once the yerba mate is produced, INATO vacuum-seals it to maintain its freshness with only 1% oxygen inside each bag. This prevents oxidation and aging of the yerba mate, and ensures that the product remains fresh from the moment of harvest. INATO's yerba mate comes exclusively from a specific area in the south of Brazil, deep in the Brazilian rainforest, where the plants thrive due to ideal rainfall, temperature variations, and soil conditions.

Unlike traditional yerba mate, INATO's leaves are air-dried, eliminating the contact with smoke that is commonly associated with health concerns. This results in a yerba mate that does not have the traditional "smoky taste." INATO's commitment to quality and attention to detail sets them apart from other yerba mate producers, making their product a top choice for anyone looking for a premium yerba mate experience.