Discover The Secret To Authentic Brazilian Yerba Mate

INATO Yerba Mate is a pure and authentic taste of Brazil that's unlike anything you've ever experienced. Our unsmoked, 100% organic leaves are hand-picked in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest, and expertly air-dried to preserve their natural flavors and nutrients. The result is a delicious, refreshing, and energizing drink that will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired.

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JARMA allows you to see the vibrant colors and strength of your mate.

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  • Sustainable sourcing

    INATO's yerba mate is derived straight from the heart of the Brazilian rainforest, where it flourishes naturally and is carefully harvested by community farmers.

  • Unsmoked

    Unlike other yerba mate brands that may use smoking to dry the leaves, INATO's yerba mate is air-dried, which eliminates contact with smoke and possible carcinogens.

  • Vacuum-sealed

    The leaves are also vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness and ensure that the yerba mate stays at the peak of its flavor.

🍃 Premium Leaf Selection

A modern and unique processing method to bring you as close as possible to the freshest yerba mate. Like Champagne sourced from the French province, INATO Mate offers you Yerba Mate at its finest. Because when your maté is at its finestso are you.

Don't like it? Get your money back.

Our maté is vacuum sealed, and we go through great lengths to bring you the freshest maté to your doorstep. We don't offer samples, but we offer a 30 days money back guarantee on the one pack purchase, for the Original or Black. So you can try WORRY FREE.

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